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co creating a virtually dance experience !

I have experienced firsthand the positive impact Dance activities can have on people’s lives, mentally and physically!



A Natural Dance Instructor

As an instructor, I want to share my passion for Dance and motivate you to reach your full potential through my dance lessons, while respecting that every person is unique and has different goals and levels of expertise.


Is a dance class which transmits the cultural heritage of traditional dances of Colombia.

This class is designed to learn and perform traditional dances of Colombia which are influenced from Spanish, African and Native American Indigenous cultures.

My dream is to create a space for the community to access and learn traditional Colombian dances, within a historical and cultural context. While at the same time empowering each individual to express themselves, enjoy the moment and connect with one another through music and movement. The dances we work on and create will radiate throughout the community via events, such as workshops.

I want to share the legacy and heritage of my Colombian roots to the community of Seattle. This project is very important to me because as a teacher, dancer, woman, immigrant, mother and American citizen I have a deep desire to transmit, keep alive and honor my Colombian roots through the dance modality to the Seattle community .




Immerse yourself in the Latin barrios with a mix of authentic Latin beats-salsa, merengue, reggaetón,dancehall,cumbia, latin hip hop,electro-tropical and more and an easygoing vibe. this is a festive class to celebrate life as it is, in the moment, with invigorating music and dance . Follow the rhythm, let loose, and have fun.



is inspired & fusioned of numerous Belly Dance styles. This beautiful art form celebrates women of all types in a comfortable and energizing atmosphere while build confidence, body comfort, coordination and awareness. A great opportunity to have fun trying out basics like hip shimmies, drops and lifts and infinity loops, plus snake arms, shoulder shimmies, some turns and traveling. Then, you will learn to connect individual movements into small combinations.





Since my husband gave me a beautiful hip scarf years ago for Christmas I have been dreaming of taking some belly dance classes. But I never dared push the door of a studio to make my dream come true. So after the gyms closed in March and I started to take my fitness classes online, I was thrilled to learn that Maria, with who I have been taking Urban Latin Dance classes since a while, was starting a new Belly dance class. I couldn't miss that opportunity, and since that day I enjoy her fantastic belly dance classes twice a week. An absolute must try.


What could be better than twirling around with a huge silk scarf to exciting Egyptian music? I am 73 years old and was looking for a fun way to shake my hips and get some good exercise! Maria always has interesting dance combinations and is very patient and helpful. Can’t wait for her class every week


I leave every class with Maria feeling happy, wanting to do it all over again!! She is fun, energetic and unique! I absolutely recommend her class to anyone looking for a fun fitness class while also learning to dance. See you soon, Maria!


I've been taking fitness dance classes for about 10 years. From all the classes I've taken through those years, Maria's Urban Latin class is on my top 3 favorite classes. Maria is fun, picks great music and creates unique coreographies. Her class is very versatile; while you get a workout you also get to be sexy and learn some Latin moves. You won't regret trying her class.

Ever since I had my son I had not dared to work out. Maria’s bellydancing classes are engaging, easy to follow and most importantly super fun! Highly recommend them!


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